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Labour force potential in Eastern Slovakia

Advantages of Valaliky Industrial Park

Technical readiness

The state industrial park will offer 381 ha of flat land, suitable for the establishment of industrial buildings and fully equipped with all engineering networks and infrastructure.

The site can be extended by a further 177 ha.

Strategic location

The site is located south of Košice, the 2nd largest city in Slovakia and the unofficial capital of eastern Slovakia.

Košice offers the highest standard of living in a region that is still developing dynamically. With an increasing number of foreigners living in the city, the whole region is becoming foreigner-friendly and multicultural.

The location is in close proximity to three neighbouring countries (Ukraine, Poland and Hungary within 100 kilometres). The strategic location of the site allows daily commuting of Hungarian residents.

Available labour force

The City of Kosice and surrounding counties with unemployment rates higher than the national average offer excellent labor availability for both blue collar and white collar positions.

Due to the lack of job opportunities, people coming from eastern Slovakia work abroad or in the western and central parts of Slovakia.

The city of Košice, which is the seat of a technical university, has an excellent university infrastructure with technical, economic, medical, social and IT facilities with more than 30 000 students.


The site is located directly on the motorway leading to Bratislava or Budapest. Material and goods can also be transported by rail siding.

The strategic park and the city of Košice are located on strategic TEN-T corridors. It is also possible to use the nearby freight terminals for combined transport.

Attractive incentives

The maximum intensity of investment incentives in the Košice Region is 50% of eligible costs (+10% bonus), which is the highest possible rate in the European Union.

Space for a large employe

Apart from U. S. Steel, there is no large industrial employer in Košice. Košice is one of the last regions in the EU capable of fully covering large-scale, technically advanced production.

Eastern Slovakia, with its already strong supplier base (e.g. in the automotive industry), still offers large unused capacities for OEMs and new suppliers.

Green energy

100% of gas and electricity supplies can be covered by guarantees of origin that prove the use of a renewable energy source. Slovakia has one of the greenest energy mixes in Europe.

In total, more than 78% of Slovakia’s electricity in 2020 was generated from low-carbon sources (renewables and nuclear).

From 2024 Slovakia will be carbon neutral (in terms of electricity production), the first country in the Central European region to do so.