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About the Company

Valaliky Industrial Park 

Valaliky Industrial Park is a limited liability company under the founding jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. It is the holder of the certificate of significant investment for the implementation of the investment project “Valaliky Strategic Territory” and the investment project “Valaliky Strategic Territory – Development of Public Services”. The construction of the strategic park was approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic by adopting a resolution and issuing a certificate of significant investment in December 2021. Accordingly, the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic established the Valaliky Industrial park s.r.o., which is the direct executor of the Government resolutions and the executor of the obligations arising from the investment contract with the first investor in the industrial park – Volvo Cars Corporation.  

This investment is of great importance not only for Slovakia, but also for the whole of Europe, especially in terms of the development of the electric vehicle industry.

Valaliky Industrial Park is preparing the largest industrial park in eastern Slovakia in Valaliky near Košice, where Volvo Cars Corporation will build an electric car production plant through its subsidiary Volvo Cars Slovakia.

The planned investment of the Slovak Republic in the strategic area project amounts to 731 million €. The strategic industrial park has over 700 ha, including land for infrastructure. Even after the full implementation of the Volvo Cars Slovakia project and infrastructure, approximately 180 ha of land will remain available to the Slovak Republic for further investments in production, logistics, as well as R&Dand facilities for public services.

New job opportunities

The industrial park brings not only for the Košice region, but for the whole Eastern Slovakia, a number of job opportunities. Nearly 16 000 employees will find work in the industrial estate, at the Volvo Cars production plant and in subcontracting companies in the coming years. This also opens up space for the development of secondary vocational and higher education and the development of engineering and other automotive-relevant fields. At the same time, the retraining of 25 000 unemployed jobseekers is envisaged. The project should, among other things, facilitate the employment of marginalised groups.

Transport and infrastructure

In addition to the construction of an industrial park, the Valaliky Industrial Park aims to solve the transport problems of the entire region and to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants in the Košice region as a matter of priority. The project envisages the construction of 11 kilometres of new cycle paths and 16 kilometres of new roads. The Valaliky strategic park will be connected to the 1/17 road, the R2-R4 expressway, the 3rd class roads, the Haniska railway station and the newly built integrated passenger transport terminal Valaliky centre or to the Šebastovce bypass, which has not been solved for 20 years. As part of the improvement of the transport infrastructure, a railway will also be built, which will lead to the line Košice – Hidasnémeti – Budapest. In connection with the strategic investment, a new air line from Košice to Gothenburg will also be added, and the Ministry of Transport also intends to restore the air connection between Bratislava and Košice.

The construction of the strategic park also includes investments in utility networks, increasing the capacity of electricity, water and sewage connections or connecting public water supply systems in the vicinity. Thus, the project not only helps to build new capacities, but also addresses the investment debt of the surrounding municipalities.


As every construction represents a certain impact on the landscape and the environment, Valaliky Industrial Park has monitored the fauna and flora from the very beginning and has committed itself to a number of compensatory measures. These include the relocation of the Valaliky Channel, the construction of a recreation area with greenery, wetlands and noise barriers. The project also provides for the replacement planting of more than 2 500 trees, the construction of new habitats, gopher and eagle nests. 

The construction process of Valaliky Industrial Park involves all important governmental entities, which cooperate in finding ideal solutions for both investors and residents of nearby villages and the city of Košice.

ESG Certificate

Valaliky Industrial Park s.r.o. has successfully embarked on the ESG journey. ESG is an abbreviation of the English words “Environmental, Social, Governance”, which represents the aspect of environment, social impacts and corporate governance and management. This name also represents the main pillars of ESG responsible business. On March the 19th, 2024, Valaliky Industrial Park, s.r.o. received a certificate for its participation in the ESG assessment through the Synesgy platform. Valaliky Industrial Park s.r.o. has a score of “B – Good”. It is a company with a good level of sustainability and a good level of compliance with ESG principles in line with national and international best practices. The ESG score is in line with the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative and takes into account the most relevant, material and significant aspects related to environmental, social and governance factors. This is a commitment for us in the future as well, as maintaining the certification is subject to regular recertification and reporting.

ESG Certficate